The Ageing Process And The Personality Ethics

In the past fifty years, according to Stephen Covey, the author of the bestselling book, “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,” most of the success literatures written were superficial. Likewise, he said that these literatures were geared towards the amplification of the social image consciousness, quick fixes and techniques. These quick fixes appear to solve the basic problems of our lives, yet these quick fixes are only aspirins and band-aid solutions, and do not really address the acute underlying source of problem. Hence, these underlying acute problems, since unsolved and untouched, would usually resurface time and time again.

Let’s take, for example, the concept of beauty which is often the most amplified and highlighted aspect of modern life. The social media nowadays and the various ads on TV, radio, and the internet would readily and simply extol beauty as if it is the very essence of a person. Ads usually would present a person with a flawless skin as the epitome of beauty, to the detriment and oblivion of the concept of inner beauty. These ads would subtly say that if you got flawless skin, you are essentially beautiful. Likewise, if you got a curvaceous body with great vital statistics, you are indeed beautiful. These insinuations from the social media would definitely cajole us into thinking that beauty is indeed skin deep. Hence, anything that would make the skin beautiful and shine flawlessly would be highly sought by modern humans. Moreover, these insinuations have definitely filtered down into the subconscious mind of many people to a point that the ageing process is branded as a disease and something to be avoided at all cost. For this reason, hundreds of skincare products like anti-aging creams are selling like hotcakes in the beauty market, and the manufacturers of these products are raking in millions and even billions of dollars in profit. Additionally, retinol cream online, purportedly capable of bringing in a rebirth in the beauty of the skin is one of the highly sought after products, and this is due to the personality-centered focus of our social media.

Yet, there is an essentially important ethics which is essentially the very focus of most literatures written 50 years ago and before. This is the character ethics which is based on solid principles and focuses on the inner beauty of a person. It deals with the development of character and the imbibing of great habits based on solid principles such as integrity, fidelity, industry, courage, justice, and even simplicity. It doesn’t amplify the external beauty of a person which it sees as lacking in substance and is simply external and fleeting. It zeroes in on the very foundation of a happy life which is a life that is founded on solid principles. The shift to personality ethics basically started after World War I, when success and happiness started to be viewed as the function of the public image and personality.

Without this shift back to character ethics, people will always be frustrated about life when the ageing process sets in and when their external appearance suddenly begins to sag, pale, and diminish. But if you focus yourself in the buildup of your character, you will certainly laugh off the ageing process as part and parcel of the growing up and maturing process of every human person.

E-Cigarettes And Discounts

There are many discount codes or discount vouchers available when you want to buy e-cigarette starter kits or perhaps even the larger vape pens. To find these discount opportunities you need only go to the internet and find sites like Cigs coupon code. Even without these discounts though, smokers which make up the vast majority of e-cigarette users, have already found that using e-cigarettes is cheaper than smoking. The majority of smokers that use e-cigarettes probably do not use them because they are cheaper though, they use them to relieve the urge for a smoke when they are in buildings where smoking has been banned or at functions where smoking is banned. As e-cigarettes, like tobacco cigarettes, contain nicotine, an e-cigarette can give relief to the need for a smoke, at least temporarily. It is an often thought misconception that the nicotine in tobacco cigarettes present the health hazards associated with smoking but nicotine is relatively harmless in small quantities and is also found in potatoes, it are some of the other over 4000 chemicals, 50 of which have been associated with causing cancer that present the health hazard from smoking. Although it has been well established that smoking can be hazardous to your health, that was not the reason why smoking was banned inside certain buildings, it was the fact that second hand smoke can adversely affect the health of those non-smokers that have to inhale it which caused the bans. E-cigarettes do not face the same bans though because they do not burn anything and so do not produce any smoke, harmful or otherwise. E-cigarettes are vaporizers and so produce vapours which, unlike cigarette smoke, do not stain fingers and teeth and neither do they leave clothes smelly.

Although the mini e-cigarettes found in e-cigarette starter kits are similar in size to tobacco cigarettes, the size is perhaps the only similarity smokers will find with them and that is the reason they start using e-cigarettes with the easy to use starter kits. A starter kit will contain the vaporizer, a battery to operate it and a replaceable e-liquid container, all that is needed to start using e-cigarettes. Although easy to use, some people will try and stop using the starter kits as soon as possible as they can be a little inconvenient. The inconvenience is caused by the size of the mini e-cigarettes. As the minis are small, their batteries are also small meaning that they need frequent recharging. When someone stops using a starter kit, they advance to using what are known as vape pens which are slightly larger and so therefore have larger batteries requiring less frequent recharging. Another advantage of the vape pens is that their e-liquid containers are usually refillable, affording the user an opportunity to buy e-liquids in bulk at a cheaper price and refill their own containers. As an e-cigarette user becomes even more experienced with them, they may opt to start using even larger vaporizers than the pens. The larger vaporizers often allow the strength of the vapour to be controlled by the user.

Helping Alcoholic Family Members Today

Millions of people go clubbing every single day. Some wants to meet new friends. Some enjoys going to a place with music fully blasted on speakers with their favorite songs. Some individual loves to dance. While others simply go out to drink with their family and friends. Drinking on special occasions is one thing people love to do. But if you or any person you know drink excessively without control, then he or she may have a problem already. There are thousands of people in this world who already have a drinking problem but find a way to conceal it. They suffer this addiction before they can get help resulting to some of them losing their jobs, hurting their relationships or even damaging their health.

Studies have proven that excessive drinking can result to twelve different health problems that slowly damage their body. This ranges from anemia, cancer, cirrhosis, cardiovascular disease, depression, dementia, seizures, high blood pressure, gout, nerve damage, infectious disease and pancreatitis. When a person consumes too much alcohol, it causes the number of oxygen that carries red blood cells to become abnormally low which results to anemia. Examples of symptoms are shortness of breath, lightheadedness and fatigue. If you have a family history of cancer, then it is best that you refrain from drinking too much alcohol. Recent studies have shown that the body has a tendency to convert alcohol into a potent carcinogen, acetaldehyde. Most cancer problems linked to drinking are the ones in the larynx or the voice box, pharynx or the throat, mouth, liver, esophagus, colorectal region and the breast. If you combine this with smoking or using tobacco, the risks even escalades. One of the most common problems we all know comes from drinking is cirrhosis. Cirrhosis is a very lethal condition that scars the liver making it hard to function. If a person does not have a healthy liver, your blood wont be clean, bile wont be produced and it cannot store energy in the form of glycogen. If you have a heart problem and also enjoys drinking, then the risks of suffering from any cardiovascular disease is very high as it makes your blood clot and clump together that can lead to a heart attack.

People who always drink can sometimes go into depression because they refer to it to cope with stress, which can affect their emotional and mental stability. On the other hand, if you find yourself being more forgetful and it has become worse, as the years passed by, don’t point all the fingers to ageing. People are not aware that when you drink alcohol regularly, it speeds out the shrinkage of the certain areas in your brain.

There are so many health problems related to excessive drinking. That is why you must control it and regulate this action. If you know anyone whom you believe is suffering from any of the diseases mentioned above, then it is suggested that you look groups that are well knowledgeable and experienced in handling this kind of problems. There are big and small groups established helping alcoholic family members today.

Take Care Of Your Child’s Teeth

If you have a small kid who’s not that cautious when it comes to taking care of his or her teeth then you should be mindful of his or her oral cavity because a child isn’t as experienced as adults are. Children basically need guidance and they basically need supervision when it comes to what they eat and how they take care of their teeth and gums. As a parent or guardian of a child, you should be mindful of the things that you have to do to help the kid that you’re taking care of know his or her responsibilities when it comes to oral care. Instead of merely educating your offspring or the child that is in your care about oral hygiene and the likes, you should not only demonstrate the proper care procedures that should be observed regularly and also monitor his or her diet and activities too. Children’s teeth are sensitive. Even though they’ll most likely grow new teeth if ever some of theirs would fall at a young age, they’re oral cavity is as prone as ours to diseases and pains. In order for you to know what you could do to help your child, take care of his or her teeth in the best way possible while young, please continue below.

Teach your child good oral care habits. Educate your kid by telling him or her to do tooth brushing following thirty minutes after heavy meals. Make sure that you provide your child with a tooth brush that is fit for his or her teeth or those that have soft bristles. Also, it is important that you should give your kid toothpaste that not only has fluoride but is also available in a flavor that he or she could be comfortable with. Buy a mouth rinse as well so that you could teach how to gargle some, hours before or immediately after tooth brushing. Introduce the use of dental floss as well. When you do these things, your child may grow to have wonderful sets of teeth. But, of course, it’s not merely oral care techniques that your kid should be aware of. Teach him or her how and what to eat as well. You should limit your child’s intake of sugary foods or sweets so that he or she won’t have cavities. Also, it is important that you should orient him or her about the food items that could damage his or her teeth through physical trauma as well. But, since you may not provide all of the information with regards to tooth care, you should also bring him or her to a professional dentist regularly.

Make sure that you and your child visit at least one dentist every year so that you could have both of your teeth checked, cleaned or treated. For you to spend less on dental care, try looking for dental discount plans payment rates online. That’s so you would know what kind of plan to invest in for the sake of your child’s oral care.

Lower Your Blood Pressure Now

Having a blood pressure level that is beyond the normal can be quite dangerous. Even though your readings are close to the borderline, you have to understand that having increased pressure within the blood vessels of your body can let you suffer from health complications. It is a fact that a person could really depart from this world just because his or her blood pressure readings have become abnormal. Even though you may not die right away because of having an elevated BP, do take not that having high blood pressure may mean that you may already be suffering from certain diseases. If you’ve recently checked your blood pressure and the result is steep, you should definitely improve your lifestyle or take in medications. For your sake, you should do something about having abnormal BP findings so that you would get to prevent diseases and enjoy life better.

There are numerous strategies that you could try when it comes to lowering your BP. But, before you attempt anything, you should have yourself checked first. That’s so you’d be sure whether or not the elevation in your blood pressure is constant. Take note that, sometimes, to lower your BP, you simply have to sit upright or stand up. That’s because the blood pooling to your head could disperse throughout your body with the help of gravity. But if your BP remains high even though you already tried to do some practical techniques to have it lowered, you should try altering your diet. The reason why your blood pressure reading may be high is because you’re continuously ingesting food items that contain fats or are converted to adipose tissues. On the other hand, since controlling your intake may not immediately lower your BP readings, you should also search for “Food to lower blood pressure 2015” so that you would find out what you could consume for assistance. There are numerous foods and beverages that could help you lower your blood pressure. You could incorporate garlic in your diet since it’s been proven to lower low density lipoproteins; take in fish oil capsules that have beneficial, natural fatty acids like Omega 3 found in fishes; and also drink Green Tea which has polyphenol that has been shown to enhance the flow of blood within a person’s body. Still, to have your blood pressure lowered, you have to do something about how you eat food. Having small frequent feedings can help significantly so you should try it out.

Despite the fact that dieting may already be helpful, it’s best if you would do some exercises as well. That’s because doing physical activities can help facilitate the regulation of blood pressure within your system. Also, when you move your body and subject it to stresses, you could eliminate waste products easily. That’s why, as much as possible, you should spend some of your time every day or every other day to exercise. About fifteen minutes of doing cardiovascular activities has been proven to significantly lower a person’s bad cholesterol levels which contribute to the increase of blood pressure.

Go For GM Diet Now

Out of the many diet plans that are available in the world today, you could try the one that is called the General Motors diet. That’s because this one involves not only weight loss but also detoxification as well. If you want to lose weight fast yet gradually then this is something that you should really take into consideration. Basically, the GM diet involves the consumption of different types of food items every single day for seven days. Although you can’t really take advantage of it over and over again if you observe it for weeks, you would be able to really benefit from its effects when you do it one week or so every month. So how much weight could you lose when you go dieting with the GM strategy? According to many, when you try this for a week, you could shed about five to seven pounds instantly and feel healthy even if you’d eliminate some of your fat deposits. To know if it’s suitable for you and to find out what factors could tell you that you aren’t fit for the said diet plan, please read on.

As said before, it involves a seven day meal plan that you have to strictly follow. The diet includes different kinds of food each day. With this weight loss plan, you’re only allowed to eat fruits except bananas. But, in order for a person to control his or her hunger, experts suggest the consumption of melons because they are large and are packed with water and some healthy nutrients. On the second day, it’s all vegetables. You can have as much vegetables as you want to but you should limit your intake of complex carbohydrates because they can add up to your weight. You can have potatoes if you want to but you have to limit your consumption of it. On the third day, you can eat fruits and vegetables but have to skip eating bananas and potatoes altogether. For the fourth day, you’re already allowed to eat bananas but you have to have it combined with milk and a special GM soup. For the ingredients and the recommended cooking of the said soup, you should do some more research on the internet. The fifth day would be the day where you could make yourself full because it involves the consumption of meat and tomatoes. But when you eat meat, you should only go for lean beef because it is what is suggested. During the sixth day, you could eat to your heart’s content with the combination of lean beef and vegetables. On the seventh and final day of the GM diet, you’re allowed to consume brown rice, fruit juices and vegetables. For each day, you’re also only permitted to drink ten glasses of water at most because water can still add up to a person’s body weight. But, before literally trying the things mentioned, you should research about gm diet restrictions first. That’s because you could suffer from having health problems when you take in food items that are included in the GM diet which you’re allergic to.

How Does Thai Massage Work?

Happy Head Foot Reflexology and Massage Therapy offers a range of Asian style massage therapies alongside the traditional Western Swedish style massage, designed to help you relax, rejuvenate and recover. Thai massage is perhaps one of the better known of the Asian massage school in the west- but what exactly does it do? Below, we learn more about this therapy and its unique benefits for your body.

Thai massage is widely held to be one of the oldest styles of massage in existence today. It was supposedly developed by monks during the lifetime of the Buddha himself. It certainly draws heavily on the same school of thought as that used during acupuncture therapy, combining this with the philosophies of ancient Indian Yogic thought to provide a body practice designed to help heal and balance the flow of qi through the body. It is thought to activate healing within the body and promote wellbeing.

As with most Asian styles of massage, Thai style massage uses pressure points to help release tension in the body. These so called ‘sen’ points- of which there are 72000 throughout the body, although 10 are of the most importance to the massage process- allow for the unblocking of energy flow through the body, restoring balance and harmony. If that sounds too philosophical for you, know that Thai massage increases circulation and aids with toxin elimination throughout the body.

As with most Asian schools, Thai massage does not involve the removal of clothes nor any tools other than the massage therapist’s hands, legs, feet and knees. You will lie down on a massage mat on the floor, not a traditional Western table. A typical Thai massage involves 4 specific stretches.

The first is used to warm the body and manipulate it into a relaxed state, enabling the massage to be more productive. It works strongly on the hamstrings and legs. The plough stretch, a spine elongating stretch involving the legs and abdomen. The spine is then lengthened, with the therapist guiding the patient in the stretch of the back by manipulating their spine and shoulders. The fourth stretch also seeks to lengthen the spine and release tension in the shoulders and back. The therapist will pull, push and guide the patient through the correct procedures for each stretch.

If that sounds strenuous and a lot of effort, don’t despair. When in the hands of a skilled practitioner, nothing could be further from the truth, not should you be left with pain during or after the procedure. At the end of your session, you should feel relaxed, alert and calm.

Thai massage is a great preventative massage aimed at relaxing hidden tension in the body. Consider adding it to your spa package, or using it as a way to stretch out, relax and prevent painful tension build-up throughout the body. It’s a great stress buster, and should be considered as a part of any massage program aimed at relaxation and restoration of calm to the body. Why not give it a try today?

Where To Purchase The Best Coffee?

Coffee is undeniably one of the most popular beverages nowadays. One evidence to this claim is the fact that a lot of people tend to frequent coffee shops and that many of them spend a lot of money in order to purchase special blends and flavours of this coffee. Also, people tend to buy exotic coffee beans or flavoured coffee bean packs that will allow them to enjoy delicious coffee in their home, without the extra cost that most coffee shops charge for their coffee products.

If you are a coffee lover yet you do not like the idea of spending a lot of money on coffee shops then purchasing packed coffee beans or pre-mixed flavoured coffee solutions is a great alternative. With these, you will be able to enjoy this stimulating beverage that you love to drink without having to exert the extra effort to go to a coffee shop and having to spend a lot of money just for a single cup of coffee.

If you want to purchase the best coffee available today, then Fitness Brew is one coffee manufacturer that you will want to purchase your coffee mixes from.

One great reason to buy coffee from Fitness Brew is that you are guaranteed to get coffee that is fresh. The company packs your coffee orders within 24 hours of roasting so you are guaranteed to get the maximum flavour as well as aroma from the coffee beans that you get.

Aside from freshness, Fitness Brew also focuses heavily on the flavour of the coffee that you get. Not only will you be getting the delicious and earthy flavour that coffee can give; Fitness Brew can also customize the flavour of the coffee drink that you are after through the different coffee flavour customization options that you can use in their website.

Probably the best reason why Fitness Brew could be your best source for coffee is due to the fact that the company also infuses the coffee that they sell with health boosting ingredients that you can choose yourself. These special ingredients are divided into three: Weight Burner, Muscle Maximizer and Whole Body Health coffee. With the Weight Burner, you get added metabolism boosting compounds and antioxidants that will surely help you lose weight, and will further enhance whatever weight-loss or diet programs you may be going through at the moment.

The Muscle Maximizer on the other hand contains ingredients that help boost muscle mass gain, as well as help enhance the strength increasing benefits that your workouts and exercises can give.

Lastly, the Whole Body Health coffee has ingredients that increase your body’s energy levels, has a lot of anti-oxidants and also contains 30+ vitamins, nutrients and minerals that will allow you to be much more resistant to sickness and feel full of energy.

What’s great about the added ingredients on Fitness Brew Coffee is that they are all natural so you will be able to enjoy the extra fitness and health benefits that the coffee can give, without any untoward effects to your body.

Testosterone Therapy: Key To Male Vitality?

If you are considering testosterone therapy as a way to help you feel stronger and more vibrant, there are certainly some things you need to know before you make any decision. In that regard, you should know your risks before going on with the decision. This article will show you what exactly you need to know before you view top testosterone boosters.

It might interest you to know that testosterone deals about many things in a man apart from the sex drive alone. Having sufficient amount of testosterone boosts your muscle mass, increases your hair growth and you feel more vibrant than those who have low T hormone. It certainly improves your memory, libido and concentration. So when you decide to go for testosterone therapy, there are more benefits you are likely to derive from it than just increased libido.

At one point, we will all experience low testosterone (for those who are yet to experience it) because the amount of testosterone is a function of age. That means the older you become the less testosterone you will experience. As you become older, you experience decreased bone density, muscle mass, loss of hair, reduced sex drive and memory loss. All this is because of decreased testosterone.

You are going to experience the highest level of testosterone during your adolescent stage and early adulthood and it will begin to decline when you reach 30.

Although declining levels of testosterone could probably be the cause of the signs of aging, it is not always the fact that one will show signs and symptoms of old age when their testosterone begin to decline. The more accurate signs and symptoms of a declining testosterone levels include:

  • Reduced sexual desire
  • Reduced sleep
  • Increased body fat
  • Reduced muscle mass
  • Reduced bone mass
  • Swollen or tender breasts
  • Loss of appetite
  • Reduced energy
  • Emotional changes

It is important to remember that some of the changes may be as a result of other factors unrelated to reduced testosterone levels. For instance, certain medical conditions can cause some of these conditions. Therefore before you rush into a conclusion, it is important to see your doctor so that he can carry out some tests to establish whether you are experiencing low testosterone levels.

Having said that, it is evident that testosterone therapy and treatment can promote youth and vitality especially when it comes to using natural therapy such as diet, exercises and sleep patterns, among others. However, it is possible that having testosterone therapy may not have any noticeable differences in some men.

Just as there are some good things to talk about testosterone therapy, there are some risks associated with the therapy. They include the following:

  • Testosterone therapy may contribute to sleep apnea: breathing problems during sleep
  • Increased risk of acne
  • Increased heart attack risk
  • Enlarged breasts
  • Increased risk of prostate cancer
  • Limited sperm count
  • Increased risk of blood clot forming in veins

If you are suspecting decreased testosterone, the important thing to do is to talk to your doctor about it.